Registration Extended For After-School Classes

Don’t forget to sign up for after school enrichment classes! Registration has been extended through Wednesday, January 31. We still have space in our robotics programming class offered by Tech Venture Kids. Students will be able to program robots to play games, tell jokes, navigate obstacle courses, and more!

If you are looking for an activity on Wednesday afternoons, sign your 2-5th grader (YES, NOW OPEN TO SECOND GRADERS!) up for Nature Vision! Subjects include:

Feathered Friends: Observe our large collection of bird mounts to get familiar with the identifying features these amazing animals have. Learn about bird adaptations that help them survive in ways no other animals can.
Bats: Discover why bats are more beneficial than most people think. See why their scientific name means “winged-hand”, and play games to help you understand how they are able to eat 1,000’s of insects each night.
Apex Predators :Play games to understand why there are only a few animals at the top of the food web. Discover what happens when we don’t have these animals around to keep our ecosystems in balance, and learn what you can do to help them.

Sign up today at http://benrushpta.org/pta-programs/after-school-classes-and-clubs/