Warm Welcome from the PTA President!

Hello, my name is Cristin McClellan and I am your 2018-2019 PTA President! This is also my 9th year as a Ben Rush Elementary mom so it is my pleasure to welcome you parent-to-parent or parent-to-family/care givers to this wonderful community!

The PTA is many things but first and foremost it is the largest and oldest volunteer organization dedicated to working exclusively on behalf of children. The primary purpose of the PTA is to engage and empower families and communities to advocate for ALL children at school. That commitment is well represented in the motto: “every child, one voice”.

That sentiment is no different here at Ben Rush. Our PTA is committed to providing academic enrichment for students via our Nature Vision science classes, our weekly math challenge, monthly Passport geography program and annual science fair, community and culture building with various family fun nights and our wildly popular International night. We source and provide a robust afterschool class program that this year includes several engineering and coding courses as well as drawing, music and sports, some of those will be taught by our own teachers. We directly support our teachers and staff with honorariums (or dedicated amounts of money) to be used to purchase much-needed classroom supplies.

None of these things would be possible without the support of our wonderful community-both through volunteering your most precious commodity-your time and through your generous donations during our annual fundraiser. This year we are excited to introduce a new fundraiser for our students and we couldn’t be more thrilled to have the support of all the teachers and staff at school to make this year’s campaign a huge success! More information about our fundraiser will be coming home at the end of September but I can tell you the teachers, staff and PTA Board are all super excited to dive in! Stay tuned 😊

Please keep a look out for important communications from the PTA throughout the year via our weekly Cheetah Chat newsletter and on our Facebook page-Ben Rush PTA. I highly encourage each and every one of you to support the PTA by becoming a member this year! Membership ensures your voice is heard here at school and gives you voting rights on everything from our budget and future Board members to bigger state-level initiatives. Your membership also provides you great discounts with lots of national retailers. Keep a look out for your membership form coming home in a packet (the form is bright orange) or sign up online at http://benrushpta.org/join-the-pta/

If you have any questions about the PTA and how you can get involved, please don’t hesitate to reach out!

Here’s to an amazing school year ahead and GO CHEETAHS!

-Cristin in partnership with the PTA Board

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