Microsoft Corporate Match Details

Giving at Microsoft:

Did You Know?

  • Microsoft matches gifts of time, money, and product up to $15,000 per employee per year. Please give generously!
  • Volunteer Time Matching: When employees give time through PTA programs or PTA board roles at Ben Rush PTA, Microsoft will match at $25 per hour! There are no minimum matching hours.
  • Donation Amount Matching : Microsoft will match the amount of any donation, no matter how small.
  • You can request a match up to 12 months after the date of donation.
  • You can also donate directly from the giving tool.
  • You can process everything easily online via (or corporate intranet at http://give)

Request a Match for “Benjamin Rush Elementary PTA″

  • Go to > “Request a Match”
  • If you’re new to the system, click on the “Find An Eligible Cause” and then search for “Benjamin Rush Elementary PTA″
  • Tip: Add it as a favorite for quick reference for next time!

Volunteer Time Match

  • Click on “Match Time”
  • Fill in the required details (time, date, skills used, etc.)
  • IMPORTANT: Select the “Company Match” option.
  • Click on “Confirm Volunteer Time”.

For $ Donation Match

  • Click on “Request a Match”
  • Fill in the required details (amount, donation date, type of donation, etc.)
  • Click on “Confirm Match Request”


Note: For Direct Donations you can also donate through the “Donate” button to Ben Rush PTA. Microsoft will match your contribution. During November for prize verification purposes, please send your PDF Benevity receipt of this Donation to:
(There is a delay in the system and we may not get company matching data in time for the November Grand Prizes).


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