Biweekly Math Challenge

The Biweekly Math Challenge is a FREE program that gives elementary students a chance to practice their mathematical problem-solving skills with fun and engaging problems. The program provides 15 sets of challenges throughout the school year; each set is published every other week starting from September 25th 2020 and ending on May 7th 2021.

The challenges include problem solving strategies such as draw a picture or model, make an organized list, look for a pattern, working backward, and guess and check.  All students (K-5) and abilities are encouraged to participate.

Full details about the program can be found on the Math In Action Ben Rush page.

How to Participate:

  • Parents print the challenges at home and assist their children with completing the questions.
  • Email completed challenges to by the due date. The Subject Line should follow this pattern: MC#; FirstName; LastName; Grade; TeacherLastName. Example: MC1; Samar; Abdelaziz; 4; Smith.
  • Students who complete at least 9 of the 15 challenges will receive a prize and certificate. Students who complete at least 12 of the 15 challenges will receive another prize!

Please direct questions to