President’s Message

The past few weeks have been quite a blur as our community dealt with changing information and guidance due to COVID-19.  I can imagine families are in varying positions depending on the profession of working parents/guardians and needs of our children.  As we now enter the beginning of this extended school closure I hope you are all finding a way to settle into new routines and continue to to take care of yourselves.  It has been top of mind for me to think of ways Ben Rush PTA can support our families with online enrichment during this time, and in the coming weeks we will share those through Cheetah Chat and on our Ben Rush PTA Facebook page.  If you have suggestions for ways PTA can support at this time I welcome your suggestions, please email Lisa Winfrey at

After School Class Refunds

We will be offering pro-rated refunds to the families who will not be able to complete their remaining afterschool classes organized by the PTA due to the extended closure.  We are determining the pro-rated refund by class and will contact families to let them know the process to follow to request a refund within the next week.  We will offer for families to receive a refund or donate the amount back to the PTA.  If a family chooses to donate the amount back to the PTA we will prioritize these funds to be used if Ben Rush needs any support during this extended closure.

Biweekly Math Challenge Update

Thank you for participating in the Biweekly Math Challenge program this year. We are no longer collecting Math Challenge solutions, but you are welcome to complete worksheets as an in-home activity. Click here to access the Math Challenge sheets and solutions.

In the coming Cheetah Chat eNews, we are going to provide more information about distributing Winner certificates and prizes to the participants who have not received any yet.

Remote Learning Resources

Please be sure to take a look at the remote learning resources on the LWSD page that share ways families can support learning from home.  We will periodically highlight the elementary and special education resources on our Ben Rush PTA Facebook page and encourage you to share what’s working well for you.  This is a time for all of us to learn from each other!

Science Fair and International Night

Due to the extended closure we are cancelling the Science Fair that had been scheduled for April 2nd and International Night that had been scheduled for April 23rd.  As we approach returning to school we will make a decision about whether we hold an event before the end of the school year.  We will keep in close contact with the school to understand how their calendar may change and what opportunity and interest there is for us to hold a PTA event.

2019-2020 Yearbook!

We are accepting pictures for this years yearbook!  We’d love for all our students to be represented doing things they enjoy at Ben Rush, but we need you.  Please send any pictures of your child participating in school events to  If you would like to send us a picture of your student doing an at home activity during this extended period we would like to see those as well.  Yearbook orders will be due by 4/18 which is before we return to school.  Online orders are available by visiting and entering Yearbook ID code 11562420, prices start at $17.  If you’re unable to order online we’ll provide an option in the coming weeks to indicate whether you’d like to purchase a yearbook at the school and we will order extra copies.  Feel free to send questions to