It’s Official — Ben Rush Kids are Talented!

Interested in auditioning and organizing 63 (yes, 63, that’s not a typo!) talent acts, then making sure the show — including props, entrances and exits, electronic equipment, and musical instruments — runs smoothly, does not go overtime, and keeps the audience, ranging from kindergartners to grandparents, engaged and entertained?


Well, luckily for our school, Ms. Hodges, Ms. Schroeder, Ms. Andrade and Ms. Hughes were up to the task and really helped our kids deliver an amazing and entertaining show that was greatly enjoyed by all who attended. Kudos to all our talented and creative kids.

All were invited to an ice cream social after the show, and everyone had fun mingling while enjoying the beautiful weather.

The PTA provided a videographer who recorded the Talent Show. Click here to get your copy!

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