Last Chance To Volunteer For Vision And Hearing Screenings

LWSD School nurses are coming to Ben Rush to help and train parents for our vision and hearing screening for students Tuesday, December 3rd from 9am – 3pm (approximately).

Our school needs 17 volunteers who will be operating the machine to test about 700 Ben Rush students. We ask volunteers to commit 3 hours of service (am shift or pm shift) or 6 hours (all day shift) through Sign Up Genius.

There will be 5 volunteers for vision screening, 7 volunteers for hearing screening, 4 volunteers for ushering and 1 volunteer runner.

Refreshments will be provided from the PTA during the sessions.

Join us to help our kids stay healthy, learn about the screenings and meet other parents. Or even just to see how great our kids are at taking the tests 🙂

Please sign up HERE by Wednesday, November 20th.

If you are a Microsoft employee, your volunteer time can contribute to a donation to the PTA. Contact us for more information at:

Please consider signing up and helping our test run smoothly. Thank you for your support!