Send Pictures and Message for the Yearbook!


We’re happy to share that at the May PTA Membership Meeting it was approved to gift a yearbook to all Ben Rush Students and Staff!  We are looking forward to providing students and families an opportunity to have a lifetime memory of this extraordinary school year, and be able to see their fellow classmates and school staff.  But we need your pictures!  Please send your student pictures to and include your student’s first name and grade level.  We welcome pictures that you and your student would want to share, some ideas are listed here:

  • a picture of your student where they did their remote learning
  • a picture of their first day at the school if they returned in-person
  • a picture with their favorite art project of the year
  • a picture practicing their recorder
  • a picture with their favorite book read
  • a picture doing at-home P.E.

Our goal is to receive a picture from every student, so please send them in!  If you have a picture with multiple students please ensure you have consent from their families before sharing the picture.

We would also like to give students and/or families a chance to share a message of appreciation with Ben Rush school staff.  Please visit this Google Form and submit your message by June 16th!