Passport Check Day Is This Friday

The Passport Club is a volunteer run geography program to help students learn the world’s countries, over the course of the school year. Each month, students are assigned to learn to locate several countries on the world map. On “Check Day”, around the end of each month, a group of parent volunteers to quiz the students.

Our Passport Check Day is on January 24th, in the school commons. Students should study the itinerary on their January maps.

If you’re interested in volunteering to check student itineraries, please sign up at:

Sign Up Now For After School Enrichment

Don’t forget to register your student for some of the many great after school enrichment opportunities here at Ben Rush! We have many great clubs that will enhance your child’s learning or strengthen their bodies.  From running to coding, crafting, and drama, there is something for everyone!  Sign ups are available now through January 25th at the PTA website:

Math Games Volunteers Needed

Volunteers are needed to help make math games for students! The goal is to send math games home with every student, so they can practice skills they have learned at school in a fun way. You do not need to be an approved volunteer to help as you will not be working directly with students.

Date: Wednesday, January 29
Time: 9:45-10:45

Need a ride? Buses will pick up and drop off at the Onyx and Eaves bus stops.

Biweekly Math Challenge Update

Congratulations to the WINNERS of Math Challenge #6!

Reminder: MC#8 will be available this Friday at

Winner Grade Teacher
Clarissa Wright K Ms. Burd
Dheeksha Jegadheesan K Ms. Cooper
Vaishnavi Hemant K Mrs. Ogden
Aarush Parimi 1st Mrs. Romero
Ajitesh Singh 1st Mr. Hines
Erick Gonzalezc 1st Ms. Fleming
Naga Dhikshitha Tunuguntla 1st Mrs. Zarshenas
Itamar Dvir 2nd Ms. Schaefbauer
Shravya Reddy Allam 2nd Ms. Nyberg
Yogitha Balusu 2nd Mrs. Goldblatt
Brett Yi 3rd Mrs. Yu
Raghav Rajeswaran 3rd Ms. Vacknitz
Srinidhi Anand 3rd Ms. Banas
Akshaya Gunnam 4th Mrs. LunBeck
Jeswanth Battula 4th Ms. Oh
Kushagra Nagar 5th Mrs. Nation


Calling All Performers! Talent Show Auditions Are Coming!

We are proud to announce that Ben Rush will be putting on a Talent Show on April 20, 2020!

Details about auditions and permission forms can be found in the Music Room as well as the school office.

First grade through fifth grade students may audition. If your student is in Kindergarten, they may participate in 2022 as we put on the talent show every two years.

~The Talent Show Committee

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