Why does the PTA need to Fundraise?

The Ben Rush PTA (Parent Teacher Association) is an important part of the Ben Rush Elementary School community. Its purpose is to create a partnership between families and staff to support all students. The Ben Rush PTA works to enrich our school programs through classroom support & enrichment activities beyond what is funded by the Lake Washington School District and Washington State. All moneys raised comes from the generous donations of families, friends, and students of the Ben Rush school community.

What Activities Do My Donations Support? 

LOTS! The PTA spends over $100K each year for…PTA Activities

Class Room Support: Field Trips | Special/One-Time Teacher Grants | E-Prep/Health & Welfare | Assemblies | Water for portables| 5th Grade Recognition | Peace Coaches & Safety Patrol Scholarships | Field Day | Grade Level Socials | Staff Services: Staff Honorariums | Staff Monthly Luncheons| Staff Appreciation | Misc. Hospitality Expenses
Education Enrichment: Science & Math Enrichment (Math Challenge, Toy Maker) | Young Author’s Day | Homework Program | Passport | Science Fair | Art Enrichment | Reflections | Spelling Bee Challenge | Nature Vision
Reader Board: Front School Board Sign (one time capital expenditure)
Building Community: Yearbook | LWSD School Levy | Family Fun Nights | Ice Cream Social | LW Schools Foundation | Gifts & Acknowledgements | LWSD/PTSA: Gifts & Grants | Cultural Activities
Admin/Communication: Insurance | Board Training/Convention | Website Support | Bank Fees | Office Equipment/Supplies | Awards & Recognition| Other Expense/Incorporation Fees | Postage | Copying/Supplies |Newsletter

Let’s help fully fund OUR kids and Our school for THIS year!

How much does the PTA need to raise?

Our 2019-20 Read-A-Thon Fundraising Goal is $25,000
We CAN DO IT! If each of our Ben Rush families fundraise $100 each.2019 Read-A-Thon Goal

How do I Donate?

During the Read-A-Thon (Oct 21st to Nov 8th): 
Ben Rush Families, Register for online donations at http:// (use the system to send pledges and donate yourself) or
If Cash/Checks then complete the “Offline Donation Sheet” & attach donation. Return to the teacher by Fri 8th Nov.

Donations are tax-deductible & don’t forget to ‘Double Your Donation’ via Company Matching!
Ben Rush PTA is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, donations are Tax Deductible.
Tax ID: 91-1090931

How else can I Help? We are looking for volunteers to help with the PTA events (including Fundraising).

Donate Online (Anonymously or not part of the Read-A-Thon):

Click here to donate online (online donations preferred)

or make your check payable to “Ben Rush PTA” . You can drop the cash/check in an envelope at the PTA Mail Box in the School Front Office or mail it to:
Attention: Fundraising
Ben Rush PTA

6101 152nd Ave NE
Redmond, WA 98052