Math Programs

The following Math programs are offered this year by the Ben Rush PTA:

Biweekly Math Challenge:
This is a FREE program that gives elementary students a chance to practice their mathematical problem-solving skills with fun and engaging problems every other week. The challenges include problem solving strategies such as draw a picture or model, make an organized list, look for a pattern, working backward, and guess and check.  All students (K-5) and abilities are encouraged to participate.  Prizes are awarded following each challenge.

Math Challenge Tournament:
The Math Challenge Tournament is a National Mathematics tournament open to Grade 2 – 6 students. Students in Grade 1 can participate, however, they will be competing at a grade 2 level. Math Challenge 2019 problems are in multiple choice format, both on Mental Math Challenge and Problem Solving Challenge.

The Math Challenge Tournament will be held on Friday, December 13th 2019 at 6:30 pm in the Ben Rush Commons.

Tournament registration is now closed.

We are planning for more fun Math activities and events. Stay tuned for our updates and new announcements in the weekly Ben Rush eNews and the Cheetah Chat eNews.

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