Science Fair – Fifth Grade Instructions

Goal: To have fun creating a controlled experiment demonstrating your understanding of the Investigative Format.


Investigative Format Quick Sketch Template

Working individually, you will design, document, and conduct a controlled experiment using the Investigative Format. On the successful completion and documentation of your experiment, you will create a display board for the Science Fair. Your display may also include models of your experiment, the equipment, or pictures and video.

OPTIONAL SCIENCE FAIR PREP NIGHT: March 24: 5th grade teachers will open their rooms from 3:00 to 5:30 to facilitate final preparation of display boards. Students will have access to netbooks, printers, and teacher support. Also, snacks! We encourage parents to join us to help your student and others. You can come at a time convenient to your schedule. Last year was very productive and a lot of fun.

Science Fair: March 31 from 7 – 8:30pm (Individual Project Setup from 6:30-7:00pm): We would like all students to attend, if possible, and you must be present if your display includes a demonstration or some sort of interactive display.

Class time

Students will have class time to work on key documentation and get teacher feedback to ensure their success. All projects will require additional work at home, but we feel this early start will allow plenty of time to be successful.

  1. Projects must follow the Investigative Format and must answer a scientific question and prediction. See below for examples questions.
  2. Your project may not use fire or dangerous chemicals. Your parents must approve of the experiment before you start.
  3. Your display board must contain the following sections:
Title & Name
Question Materials List Data Table Conclusion
Prediction Procedures Graphs Science Explanation

· Your teachers will provide example display boards and provide formatting ideas so your information can be clearly read by Science Fair attendees.

· The PTA is generously providing display boards for students.

Science Fair Resources

Examples of Good Questions

  1. Which type of glue makes the strongest Popsicle Bridge?
  2. Does a disco ball pendulum swing faster than a bowling ball pendulum?
  3. Do certain types of fabric repel water better?
  4. Will the size of the tire affect the distance a car travels?
  5. Will increasing the amount of sugar affect the growth of a plant?
  6. Will increasing the sand in soil affect the growth of a garlic plant?
  7. Does the liquid a boat is floating in affect how many passengers it will carry?
  8. Does the type of paper affect a paper towel’s absorbency?
  9. Does the type of liquid affect the speed at which paper towel absorbs?
  10. Does the amount of water affect how well a plant will grow?
  11. Do the ingredients of an ice cube affect how fast it melts?
  12. Does the size of a container affect how fast the temperature of the water rises?
  13. Does the type of parachute material affect how long a parachute takes to fall?
  14. Does the size of a lemon affect the voltage of a lemon battery?
  15. Does adding more lemons in sequence create a longer lasting battery?
  16. In which liquid do seeds grow best?