Science Fair – General Guidelines

  • There is no entrance fee for the fair – the fair is funded by the Ben Rush PTA

  • There are no specific requirements or rules for student projects. We have this philosophy because we want students to study what interests them. Of course, we can’t accommodate all types of experiments. So the general guideline is this: “If you would do the experiment in your living room (with your parents home), it will probably be fine with us”. If you have questions, please contact us early to discuss the experiment.
  • The science fair is optional (unless your teacher tells you otherwise). Please talk with your teacher and ask them if they want/need to be involved or informed about your project.
  • The Science Fair will be held in the gym, commons area and pods.
  • A large tri-fold poster board will be provided by the PTA and delivered to your child’s classroom teacher. Please register soon. It is optional to have a working model (if applicable) or some other hands-on prototype. Consider size and complexity of your prototype and ensure it is appropriate. We can provide electricity to a limited number of students. Please check the box on the registration form if electricity is required.
  • Students and parents are responsible for bringing their display/experiment to the school on the night of the Science Fair, and bringing it back home after the Fair is over. We cannot accommodate experiments and displays being left at the school.
  • Everyone is welcome! You are not required to have an experiment to attend the Fair – Come support your friends. Siblings are welcome.