Ben Rush PTA Job Descriptions

Ben Rush PTA Board Descriptions

2013/2014 Organizational Chart

The Executive Board consists of the four elected positions: president, vice-president, treasurer, secretary.  The Board of Directors includes the Executive Board and seven program director positions:  fundraising, membership, communications, education, health & welfare, special events, and hospitality. These program directors function as overseers of sub-committees. Specifically, they consult with committee coordinators or coordinators to establish a timeline of project completion, share pertinent information between committees, and communicate questions, concerns and the progress of each committee’s tasks to the board. The executive board and directors work together to develop local unit goals, fundraising targets and to plan yearly meetings, activities and events

The President is responsible for the overall management of Ben Rush PTA. The President directs the affairs of the PTA in cooperation with the other members of executive board and committee coordinators; sets agendas with the Secretary and presides over all PTA meetings.  The President attends district PTA meetings and events, meets regularly with the school’s principal and works with the treasurer and other executive Board members to create and maintain a budget. Additionally, the President:

  • Establishes agendas for and preside over monthly board meetings and general meetings.

  • Reviews minutes prior to distribution.

  • Represents the PTA at fall events noted above, plus Curriculum Night.

  • Attends other PTA events/meetings to support board directors and interact with community.

  • Attends monthly district meetings of the LWPTSA and other district-related events.

  • Meets with principal as needed.

  • Serves as a representative of Rush PTA at required meetings and public forums.

  • Has check-signing authorization.

  • Guides Rush’s participation in the Founder’s Day luncheon, district council basket auction, LWEA and LW School Foundation.

  • Supervises all year-end duties including but not limited to preparation and submission of the federal 990 tax form, charitable contribution form and all other federal/state requirements, and district and state PTA requests.

  • Coordinates publicity, notification and PTA presence at the following events:

    1. Meet & Greet (usually Thursday before school starts)

    2. Welcome Back Coffee (usually first day of school)

    3. Kindergarten Orientation Night (usually week before school starts)

Direct Reports

  • Foundation Ambassador: serves as the liaison between Ben Rush Elementary and the Lake Washington Schools Foundation, identifies grant opportunities, and attends annual Foundation luncheon.

  • School Board Liaison: attends monthly Lake Washington School Board meetings and reports findings to Rush PTA Board of Directors.


The Vice-President acts as an aide to the President and assumes responsibility for duties assigned by the President.  The Vice-President may be called upon to temporarily assume the place of the President in the President’s absence; the VP assumes other duties as directed by the President and provides assistance to committees or special projects as needed. The VP is expected to attend and participate in Rush PTA board and general meetings, district council meetings, and work closely with the president on goal setting, decision making, etc. Additionally, the Vice-President:

  • Has check-signing authorization.

  • Manages grant writing in cooperation with president and fundraising director.

  • Oversees the legislative committee and coordinator, and the volunteer committee.

Direct Reports:

  • Volunteer Coordinator: recruits and supports grade and classroom representatives, including communication with reps, supervising and supporting grade socials and other special projects by grade; supporting the 5th graduation/celebration committee. Maintains volunteer database and serves on volunteer recognition committee.

  • Legislative Coordinator: attends the legislative conference, hosts round tables on upcoming bills or other matters.

  • Spirit Coordinator: responsible for monthly Spirit Day Challenges.


Keeps accurate records of PTA proceedings, including the recording of all business transacted at PTA meetings, distributing meeting minutes to executive board and presenting minutes for approval at the following board meeting.  The Secretary also works with the President to develop agendas for Board and general meetings. For Rush PTA, the Secretary also tracks state and district rules and serves as parliamentarian.  Additionally, the Secretary:

  • Maintains record of PTA memberships as received from the membership coordinator.

  • May have check-signing authorization.

  • Arranges for meeting space and manages room logistics, including room set-up, coordinating with Hospitality for refreshments and/or arranging for minimum refreshments.

  • Compiles pertinent documents for the organization, including state by-laws, standing rules, and job descriptions.

  • Conducts annual interest survey to parents

Direct Reports:

  • School directory coordinator: collects data for directory, including preparation & distribution of information forms, inputs to a computer and oversees production and distribution of directory.


 The Treasurer shall be responsible for the funds of the Rush PTA, keeping detailed accounting of all money received and paid out; submits a written statement of all funds and activity at regular board meetings and general meetings.  The Treasurer pays all bills, makes reimbursements, and reconciles checking account monthly.  The Treasurer works with the other members of the executive board to create and maintain the budget.  (This position is supported by the President and may be supplemented with a paid accounting or bookkeeping consultant as appropriate.)  The Treasurer also:

  • Works under the supervision of President to meet all federal and state laws including preparation and submission of 990, annual corporation report and charitable contribution forms.

  • Prepares an Annual Report of the financial condition of the organizations.

  • Prepares a year-end letter specifying items donated to LWSD (e.g., wish list items)

  • Receives reports from the Financial Review Committee who perform a financial review of the Ben Rush books in January and in July each year.

  • Manages annual tax return completion and submission to IRS.

Direct Reports:

  • Assistant Treasurer: receives, counts and deposits all monies collected by the PTA and forwards deposit receipts and other paperwork to the PTA Treasurer for formal recording and filing.

  • Assistant Treasurer: conducts mid-year financial review and serves on budget committee.

Fundraising Director:

Oversees and supports the fundraising committees including Auction, Walk-a-thon, Pass the Hat, matching gifts, and miscellaneous fundraisers (i.e., box tops, e-Scrip, Target, etc.). The fundraising director works with the other members of the Executive Board to determine fundraising financial goals, events and activities.  Maintains fundraising budget and reports fundraising budget numbers to the Executive Board.

Direct Reports:

  • Movie Night coordinator: coordinates movie night fundraisers.

  • Major Fundraiser coordinator: coordinates annual main fundraising event.

  • Miscellaneous fundraising coordinator: coordinates small, on-going fundraisers such as Box Tops, e-Scrip, and Target.

  • Affiliate coordinator: manages all affiliate shopping programs such as MSN Offers for Schools and Amazon Affiliates.

 Membership Director:

The Membership Director runs the annual membership drive and collects membership dues; the director is responsible for keeping accurate membership records and remits dues to national and to the WSPTA. The Membership Director directs preparation of materials for first day packets, meet & greet, and curriculum nights, and attends other events as appropriate.  The Membership Director also submits accurate information to Communication Director for publicity and recruitment purposes.

Direct Reports:

  • Membership Coordinator: help director with annual PTA membership drive

 Communication Director:

The Communication Director oversees the communication committees including newsletter, school photos, directory, yearbook, PR/publicity (includes reader board). Maintains Communication budget and reports Communication budget numbers out to the Executive Board.

Direct Reports:

  • Publicity coordinator/Reader Board: submits press releases/photos to local papers, TV; prepares information for newsletter editor and webmaster; works with other committees on event/program publicity.  Updates reader board regularly and as needed.

  • School photos coordinator: schedules and coordinates volunteers for fall student pictures and spring class photos.

  • Newsletter editor:  writes, edits, designs, copies and distributes monthly e-newsletter, The Cheetah Chat; includes collecting calendar information and submissions from PTA, staff and others.

  • Website editor: maintains PTA website.

  • Yearbook editor: contracts with publisher, collects photos and submits for yearbook, coordinates individual and class photos, oversees yearbook production and distribution.

 Enrichment Director:

The Enrichment Director oversees educational enrichment programs: art education, after school classes, Reflections and assemblies, cultural education, science & math education enrichment, parent education and other programs such as library helpers.  The Director maintains the education budget and reports education budget numbers to the Executive Board.

Direct Reports:

  • Library coordinator: trains & schedules parent volunteers, works closely with the librarian.

  • Science enrichment coordinator: works with staff to meet the science needs of students through Nature Vision visits and annual science fair.

  • Cultural education coordinator: coordinates International Night and other activities as appropriate.

  • Math enrichment coordinator: manages math docents/math lab coordinators.

  • Geography & social studies coordinator: manages Passport Club and social studies efforts.

  • After-school class coordinator: arranges, promotes and coordinates after school programs including art, drama, languages, chess, science, music and more. Coordinator will work closely with Enrichment Director, PTA President, Principal and School Secretary in finding suitable meeting sites and times.

  • Reflections coordinator: coordinates this program with the District. This is a one or two person job lasting one-two months ending in November. Reflections is a National PTA program that offers students an opportunity to create works of art for fun and recognition.

  • Art enrichment coordinator: manages volunteers at every grade level to help children learn about art and create art projects that reinforce those lessons.  Plan projects and execute them in the classroom.

  • School assembly coordinator: schedules one or two enrichment assemblies for the student body with principal approval.

Health & Welfare Director:

The Health & Welfare Director is responsible for overseeing health projects such as the health screening, walk to school day, Run for Fun, Field Day and Jump Rope for Heart; welfare activities to be supervised include e-prep, special needs,  and community service (including charity drives); and the liaison for the safety patrol and peace coaches. The H&W Director maintains the health & welfare budget and reports health & welfare budget numbers to the Executive Board.

Direct Reports:

  • Community Service coordinator: coordinates community service initiatives, and coordinates responses for families in crisis.

  • E-prep coordinator: organizes, inventories, stores and maintains prep kits; organizes collection and storage of personal prep bags from students; other duties as needed.

  • Health Screenings coordinator: recruits and organizes volunteers for annual fall health screening.

  • Walk to School/Run for Fun coordinator: manages an annual event to promote walking/biking to school.

  • Health Promotion coordinator: works with PE teacher to promote healthy habits, including Jump for Heart, National Nutrition Month and more.

  • Field Day coordinator: works with the PE teacher and helps recruit and organize volunteers for field day in June.

Special Events Director:

The Special Events Director is responsible for overseeing and coordinating on-going and annual special events such as Skate King Nights, and family nights such as bingo, pottery and math/game nights.  Recruits additional coordinator(s) and volunteers as needed for the events. The Director maintains the Special Events budget and reports Special Events budget numbers out to the Executive Board.

Direct Reports:

  • Special Event coordinator: assists director of special events with various assigned events throughout school year.

 Hospitality Director:

Responsible for overseeing appreciation, awards, refreshment and child care coordinators and committees, including teacher and staff annual appreciation events, monthly lunches and refreshments for PTA meetings and events.  The Hospitality Director maintains the Hospitality budget and reports Hospitality budget numbers out to the Executive Board.  The Hospitality Director assists the President in organizing activities at the beginning of school, including Kindergarten Orientation, Meet & Greet and the Welcome Back Coffee.

Direct Reports:

  • Appreciation coordinator: organize appreciation weeks for teachers and classified staff in early May; other appreciation activities as appropriate.

  • Kitchen Patrol coordinator: coordinates food donations and preparations for monthly lunches and PTA events.

  • Meeting Refreshments coordinator: coordinates refreshments for kindergarten orientation and meet & greet in August, welcome back coffee and curriculum night in September, parent education nights at various times and general meetings & events.

  • Newcomer coordinator: coordinates welcome coffee for new families during second week of school and plans bi-monthly events throughout the year as necessary.  Calls new PTA members and works with President/VP on “behind the scenes” tours and training.