Race and Equity Reflections from Ben Rush PTA

The recent events in the US regarding injustice to those in the black community remind us that all humans deserve to live in a world where they are shown through words and action that they are valued and loved.  While the road to justice regarding racial issues will take continued effort and action we can start by ensuring we are taking steps to ensure Ben Rush students and families practice inclusion and appreciation for all individuals, including and especially towards those who may be different from themselves.  As a Ben Rush board we accept a collective and individual responsibility to advance equity for our students, and will be taking two immediate steps to support this for our school and our PTA.

First, we will be opening a position for “Equity Chair”  as an extension of our board.  This individual will be invited to sit on our board meetings and prioritize advancing equity for Ben Rush.  This person will also sit as a parent member of the Ben Rush Equity Team to be a representative voice to the school.  If you are interested in this position please reach out to Lisa at President@BenRushPTA.org.

Second, for the 2020-2021 school year we will budget to purchase books for teacher classrooms to ensure students learn about a variety of cultures, races, and abilities.  We will work with the school to determine age appropriate books for each grade.  This allocation will be included in our review of the budget at our Membership Meeting on Thursday.

Both National PTA and WA State PTA have released statements to address their position on racial equity, and as a member of Ben Rush PTA you help to support efforts to advocate for all children.